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This website is a property belonged to Smart RWANDA Urukundo limited. It will helps everyone who wants to buy / rent / sell the house without any assistance of brokers or without paying the brokerage fees. If you are using this website for getting what you want, please don't contact brokers. What you will do, it's just to make an order showing what you need ( buy / sell or rent a house )showing your phone number and all details of what you need. After post your request to the website, the admin of the website will approve it after checked that you have already paid the service fees / advertisement fees of 12.000 rwf to the company's momo pay via MTN MOMO PAY code 051322 or by cash to our offices. The website helps our customers to get what they want at the right moment. For any assitance regarding to our service, you can call this number 0790361643 / 0788573952. When you are selling any house, it's not necessary to add an image / picture to your post ( You can send the pictures of your house when you meet the serious buyer or serious house tenant ). Also never send your house or land title / certificate on the website because you can't know who can use it in wrong way or illegal way.


Kigali, Rwanda
NIBOYE KK 329 Street

Tel: +250790361643
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Tel: +250788573952